A Collaborative Documentation of Movement
January 2016-February 2017

As part of the MFA program at The University of Utah, I was able to collaborate with students at the School of Dance to create a new body of work unlike anything I'd done previously. Gaining inspiration from their movements through the room and the live music provided by the incredible faculty, I created a series of abstract drawings meant to invoke the energy and power of what I was witnessing. The resulting body of work was titled "Be Somewhere" after one of the instructors made the significant comment to his students that their movements should be deliberate and thoughtful. In other words, they shouldn't just be "anywhere", they should be "somewhere" specific. I strove to emulate this with my brushwork and find a true purpose behind my rapid compositional choices.

I'm truly indebted to the students and faculty at the School of Dance. Their inclusive spirit and willingness to
 explore have provided an invaluable experience for me, for which I am truly grateful.

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